Fuel Monitoring

Do You Suspect Fuel Theft Whilst Your Vehicles Are On The Road?

Diesel fuel theft within the road transport industry is reaching an all time high and it’s claimed that within the road transport industry up to 20% of all diesel purchased can be lost due to fuel theft.
The FUEL FORENSICS package will monitor abnormal level changes in REAL TIME!  In an event of theft being detected you can be notified via email and/or SMS.
Online reporting provides you access to historical data showing theft volumes, event locations, fillings, usage and more.

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Fuel Monitoring Features

With FUEL FORENSICS, stationary fuel tanks (e.g. in fuel Farms, generators etc.) as well as mobile fuel tanks (e.g. in trucks, busses, heavy equipment etc.) are remotely monitored 24x7x365. Fuel consumption reports, real time detection and alerts are generated for low fuel levels, high consumption rates, leak detection, fuel theft attempts, refuelling events and more.
With our powerful FUEL FORENSICS web based service you have the following features:


  • Prevents fraud of fuel
  • Prevents unauthorized use of fuel
  • Provides high-precision measurement of fuel level in tank
  • Gives detailed information about fuel tank filling and draining
  • Gives detailed information about fuel consumption
  • Collects and stores information about the fuel in the tank for detailed analysing
  • For mobile and stationary tanks remote fuel monitoring
  • Gives detailed fuel usage history.
  • Stored information for 15 months


The reporting provides you the opportunity to quickly review the history during the period specified. All activities are included in the history report: automatic reporting, alerts, warnings, email/SMS notifications sent to the customer – all can be reviewed using one single report.

Devices & Sensors:

With a unique modem and capacitive LLS fuel sensor you can monitor fuel usage. You have online monitoring and you can see exact fillings, locations and quantities. If fuel is stolen you can see this in the reports with locations, date and time.
Live Real Time Remote Fuel Monitoring – for mobile and stationary objects.  GSM/GPRS devices (with special GSM fuel firmware) transmit the fuel information from the fuel tank to our web server.

The final user can use the WEB based ONLINE tracking and monitoring of vehicles, heavy equipment, diesel generators and similar assets with integrated FUEL CONSUMPTION REPORTS and ALERTS.